Friday, January 18, 2008

Hot Air from Apple?

Just who is the new Macbook aimed at.

There is no doubting the impressiveness of Apple's super-slim Macbook Air but have they over-compromised on features in favour of style and flamboyancy.

I cant help feeling that the world isn't quite ready for such a step up at this moment in time and it will be interesting to see whether their gamble pays off.

The laptop lacks many of the traditional features of a laptop including an optical drive and an Ethernet port as well as having only 1 USB port.  It's 80Gb hard-drive is well below today's standards and the irreplaceable battery seriously limits the portability of the machine.

Image:MacBook Air black.jpg

Instead of performance-related features Apple has loaded the Air with bells and whistles which seem appealing to the buyer but are of little use to most users.  One such example is the multi-touch trackpad which is impressive to witness but I feel would be better used in a larger laptop, if at all.

This has meant other, more important features on my view have been compromised, the speakers for example are mono which hardly showcases their flagship iTunes Music Store.

It seems to me that the features could be better directed at the user or better still the unnecessary extras removed and the price lowered, after all surely portability is this laptop's main emphasis.

Apple has become famous for thinking outside the box but I can't help feeling this time they may have been a little cocky.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Battle brewing over eliminating all those wires - CES 2008-

Yet another rival format from Sony

I am a big fan of Sony products, they are some of the most popular products out there but why does the company insist on accompanying these products with their own proprietary standards.

TransferJet, BluRay Disc, Memory Stick, UMD, just a handful of the many formats Sony had tried tirelessly to force upon us when we buy one of their products and the majority of which have failed to take off.

Despite their past failures Sony this week introduced TransferJet a new technology which is as near as makes no difference, a complete copy of Wireless USB, except it isn't, its worse.

TransferJet's theoretical maximum data-transfer rate is 560Mbps although in practice we will more likely see rates more like 375Mbps and because the system is low-powered the 2 devices must be within 2 inches of each other.

Wireless USB, on the other hand, offers a maximum rate of 480Mbps within a distance of 3m.

It baffles me why Sony continues to develop formats in direct competition to already well backed (and often superior) standards.  Sure they can tie customers in, forcing them to buy compatible products from Sony but the majority of people can see straight through their strategy and instead opt for the more convenient formats.

The one exception (as far as I can see) is BluRay Disc which is marginally superior to the now almost dead HD DVD.

Battle brewing over eliminating all those wires - CES 2008-

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Apple cuts cost of UK iTunes downloads - Latest News

Good news from Apple,but too late.

Music Downloads have been around for a few years now and are now very much mainstream (as highlighted by Bill Gates in his CES Keynote) and this development will undoubtedly increase its coverage but has illegal downloading of music become even more powerful.


In all honesty probably not with the increasing no. of court cases against 'pirates' but I believe that the likes of Apple and other online music providers could achieve more with lower prices.  You only have to look at Radiohead's success last year when they allowed customers to chose their own price when they downloaded their album.

Apple cuts cost of UK iTunes downloads - Latest News - MSN Tech & Gadgets UK

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


The following videos may be of help to you.

I say videos because it changes randomly so each time you visit you can expect something new.

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