Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Difference between Apple and Microsoft

Apple has just released a software update for leopard (10.5.2) which has addressed some of the new improvements that some Mac didn’t approve of.

Most notably users can now make the menu bar opaque, stacks can now be viewed in a List view, a Folder view and there is an updated background for Grid view.

Many high-profile Mac users had been unhappy with the transparent menu bar and curved stack view which contributed to a less simple interface.

One new feature of leopard which hasn’t been reversed in the update is the 3D dock, showing Apple’s continued belief in it.

The whole principal at Apple seems to be that what the user wants; the user gets really setting it apart it from most corporations who continue to think they know best.

This is definitely one of the factors which is leading so many people to switch to Macs.

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