Friday, February 22, 2008


I was recently directed to a cool competition Microsoft is running to find the best designs for the future computer by my good friend at Tech Techo

and there was one design there which particularly intrigued me.

This folder-esque product, named (rather poorly I think,) the T-Horizon doesn't seem that logical on the face of it but I believe could have some serious potential.

Bill Gates is famous for (amongst other things) using a tablet PC and I often feel tempted to do the same but I see two main disadvantages currently.  Firstly they are too bulky and secondly the just feel unnatural to hold, both of which the T-Horizon attempts to address.

What will ultimately set this product aside from other tablet PC's is it's more intuitive folded layout which makes it much easier to carry around and gives you more options when using it.

The most logical use for this device would be note-taking however I can also see designers utilising this on the move but could even make it's way into our home lives, particularly with its built in, flexible webcam.

Though this is only a very early idea which may never even get manufactured I feel myself getting very excited.  Don't expect this anytime soon but give it a few years, who knows?

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