Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hip, Hip Blu-Ray!

At last, the day many, including me, have been waiting for.

Toshiba have today officially withdrawn their support for the fatally wounded HD-DVD in the high definition content format war, Toshiba president announced today.

"It was an agonising decision for me, but I thought if we kept running this business it would have grave ramifications for the management of our company."

Toshiba President Atsutoshi Nishida

Blu-ray has been edging ever closer to becoming the winner in since the new year after Warner Bros. announced they would turn Blu-Ray exclusive at the beginning of June.  Since then. announcements from retailers Wal-Mart in the US and Woolworths in the U.K. confirming they will switch to Blu-Ray exclusively later this year have further enforced Blu-Ray's dominant position.


The 2 formats are very similar in terms of specification.  The main difference being the storage capacity, whilst HD-DVD can hold 15GB of data per layer Blu-Ray can 25GB per layer though the HD-DVD discs can be manufactured for a lot cheaper.

It is generally considered that the Sony's Playstation 3 was the main factor that the format war was won.  The PS3, itself a fully capable and (most importantly) fully upgradable Blu-Ray player has sold over 10 million units to date while Toshiba have shifted only 1 million HD-DVD players.

But is there a new competitor standing in Blu-Ray's way.  Apple TV has been launched at a perfect time, just before Blu-Ray has fully taken off.

Only time will tell which will win.

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Alec said...

i like dvd just dvd no hidef no blueness why cant we keep it simple?