Saturday, February 16, 2008

Microsoft Excel 2007: Top 5 Features

Here are my top 5 tips in the new version of Microsoft Excel which help you to better display your data.  It is surprisingly helpful in displaying stats about your web traffic.  Services like Feedburner will export your data in an .xls/.csv file format and it is worth checking out.

1.  Data Bars and Colour Scales.  This new feature allows you to apply colour scales to large blocks of data in order to scan it easily.  It is found under the Home Tab of the new ribbon in Conditional Formatting.

The Data below on the left has been formatted with a colour scale and shows how my web traffic has increased gradually from red to green which corresponds to increasing numbers.


2.  Icon Sets.  Similar to the above feature this feature ranks data using a scale of icons by simply highlighting an area of data and applying the formatting.


Again this is found under the home tab and conditional formatting.  There are a number of icon sets available, ranging from 3 to 5.

3. Cell Styles.  Just like the new cell styles in word and powerpoint.  You can now apply styles to the text in cells to make them easily stand out.  This is great for presenting your data and even better is that it is relates to the built-in colour schemes and fonts.


4.  Sort & Filter.  This highly useful tool allows you to sort data into an ascending/descending order.


This tool can be activated under the home tab, sort and filter button.

5.  Charts.  Though charts have been around for a long time in Excel but the new revamped chart system in Excel 2007 is much simpler and effective and definitely worth a mention.



Again the charts fit in with colour schemes of Office 2007 so that the charts fall right into place with the rest of your project.

I do hope you have found these tips useful.

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