Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mobile Internet gets going!

Wow! I am officially excited.

This week the wind of change was blowing very strongly through the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where there are signs of real development in the Mobile Internet sector.

I have picked out (what I think are) 3 of the most important stories of the event and how they will revolutionise our mobile world.

Here is the first.

The Sony Xperia X1 is a brand new take on Windows Mobile in a surprising new imagepartnership.  Surprisingly, Sony has decided to side with Microsoft as they move forward into the next generation of mobile devices.  The device is a revolution in itself, primarily because of a truly next-gen user interface comprised of 9 panels, each of which is also a homescreen.  The idea is that when you arrive home from work you can conveniently switch to the entertainment panel and the phone has been completely transformed.

You can't really get away from the fact the phone is above all a smart-phone as beneath its large touch screen is concealed a full QWERTY keyboard.

This is a really interesting development from Sony who had previously been Symbian focused.  Though these companies have not worked well together in the past this intriguing product certainly looks a promising start.

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