Monday, February 11, 2008

MyView: LG Viewty

It's no iPhone, but it comes close.

I have had the new LG Viewty for a couple of weeks now and I must confess it's nothing too special.  Having said that this phone is very much living under the shadow of Apple's rather special new product. 

You get the impression this phone had been rushed somewhat which really kills what would have been a really innovative product, but as the mobile phone market is evolving so rapidly it kind of got left behind.



The phone's menu is convenient.  When I began to use it I half-expected to discover a deeper sub-menu somewhere within the phone but realised soon after that I had uncovered everything already (and it's certainly not a bad thing).  It is organised in a system identical to the LG Prada where there are 4 tabs along the right hand side of the screen, each uncovering 4 to 8 functions.  The system, though very different to the traditional 3x3/3x4 grid seen on Nokia's and Sony Ericsson handsets, is surprisingly simple to use.

Many other great innovative features are packed into the Viewty.  While composing a message the input can be switched to a keyboard by turning the phone on it's side and it is here that the touchpad comes into its own, 95% of the time the correct letter is selected.  The media player is sophisticated, with the ability to playback DivX files which look great on the 4" screen, the music player is very powerful and the sound is of a high quality, particularly though the headphones supplied.

Finally, the Phone's organiser, A feature I have been investigating for a period of time.  The organiser works well when synchronised with Outlook, though I would recommend creating the events on your PC as opposed to the phone.  Whilst it's no Windows Mobile, it does a good job of alerting you of your schedule, and to-do list.

In Conclusion: Not quite a smart-phone, nor an iPhone, but plenty of effective and useful features for most users and the touch screen provides a short-term gimmick to keep you amused.

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alec said...

I like the prada better. i currently have the iphone and im still looking for a phone that cant top it off. an all in one device!

Matt said...

Sure, the iPhone is definately king but in the UK it is ridiculously expensive. So it was the Viewty for me.

Satya said...

Really good article. I have been following your blog for last 3 months. You have good knowledge on Mobile(cell phone) Industry and happenings. Please continue the good work. Thank you.

free cell phone said...

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