Sunday, February 24, 2008

SkyDrive goes Live

Microsoft this week fully launched Windows Live SkyDrive, the final piece of the Windows Live range of services.  SkyDrive, a free online, secure storage product allocates anyone with a Windows Live ID 5GB of storage to do with what they wish.

SkyDrive has been in an Extensive Beta testing stage for several months, offering 1GB of storage.


The service is simple enough to use once set up and cleverly uses ActiveX to let you upload files by the magic of drag-and-drop.  Uploading files is nothing special when it comes to speed, a word document takes around 10-15 seconds and you can expect times of 1-2 minutes for a music file.

This is in no way a professional back-up service but instead a very convenient and useful way of transferring files to and from work or school in the same way you would have used a USB flash drive previously and with 5GB of storage most people can store all their documents comfortably.

The best thing about SkyDrive though is that is from Windows Live, currently one of the best areas of Microsoft.  That means it can integrate seamlessly with Hotmail, messenger and everything under your Windows Live ID.

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