Sunday, February 10, 2008

Synchronisation Tribulation

I just really began to use Outlook and as can be expected from the majority of Microsoft products I had a few teething problems.

To be fair to them, I do think that for 95% of users will be fine.  It is clearly and well thought out and integrates well with the other Office products.  The display is pretty good, particularly with the colour categories and I also found some really useful add-ins.


What I couldn't quite manage to work out was how to properly sync it with Google Calendar as I was using some of Outlook's more sophisticated features.  Ideally I wanted to organise everything centrally from Outlook and have it sync to Google and also to my Phone.  Google Calendar is a great service I have also recently started using, the great thing about it is that you can set it up so that you get SMS updates direct to your phone.

In the end I settled for SyncMyCal, a lite version of which is available for free download and it is working pretty well.  I still have to check that the notifications are added correctly to some of the events from time to time but aside from that  things work great.

It really annoys me that things like this won't just work, but on the other hand if everything worked perfectly there would be nothing to write about.


Incidentally, the Facebook add-in I am also using is FBLook (Facebook + Outlook) which allows you to change your status and receive notifications from within Outlook, cool!

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