Wednesday, February 13, 2008

There's life in Yahoo yet.

Yahoo and T-Mobile announced a new deal this week at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona in the 3rd story of the event.

The deal sees Yahoo become the preferred search engine on T-Mobile devices and though this is not the most significant deal in itself, what is significant is that T-Mobile is dropping it's previous mobile search provider, a certain Google.

The deal also sends out a strong message to Microsoft and though this new deal won't have a lasting impact on the companies fortunes, it marks a step in the right direction.  Maybe they will take the hint and back off.

Google will lose around 90 million mobile users of its search engine through the deal but ironically T-Mobile will continue to collaborate with Google on their Android platform.

Yahoo is certainly serious about the mobile Internet business with 5 deals signed already in Europe alone and 16 in Asia.

Yahoo also launched a new mobile service called oneConnect, a new part of their Go 3.0 widget platform which was announced at CES in January.

This new market could provide a new lease of life for Yahoo and a chance to start making up ground on Yahoo.  I still can't call how the situation will unfold but it will certainly be an interesting one to follow over the coming months, what are your thoughts on this latest development in the Yahoo saga?

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