Saturday, February 09, 2008

What's up with Microsoft?

We all know that Microsoft is the big player is computers, but why is this.  Almost everything it touches turns to,'s not Gold.

The most resourceful company in the world can hardly keep up with anyone and if you look closer, it's hardly surprising. 

Companies like Apple and Google, (the quickly growing companies) are well known to operate in a much more laid-back way than the more traditionally orientated Microsoft and this is surely causing them to lose touch with the needs and desires of the end user.

Sure, Microsoft has it's strengths in business/enterprise software where it is the only choice for the majority of organisations but I feel that these more modern companies offer far superior solutions for most people.

I have recently started to organise my calendar on my PC and though I was able to learn to cope with Outlook it seems obvious that most would prefer a simpler program such as iCal.  Indeed the more I investigated this program of Apple's the more and more I desperately wished I could afford a mac.

But what they need more than anything at the moment is to concentrate on their strengths to improve them and then to simplify things for the user of they may face becoming the next Yahoo.

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Ale c said...

cha i kno they need a little bit of help