Saturday, March 15, 2008

HD-DVD? That will be $1 Billion Toshiba

Japanese reports have stated that HD-DVD's failure will cost Toshiba $1 Billion.


The format slipped away at the start of this year after studios and retailers, most notably Warner Bros. and Wal-Mart, who in January announced they were going to cease support for the format in June later this year. In the end Sony-backed format Blu-Ray emerged on top in what was a rare victory for a Sony-backed format.

HD-DVD players will cease being made at the end of the month after which Toshiba will be forced to fork out $500 Million to deconstruct their manufacturing lines. The other half of the loss comes from wasted marketing and advertising, unsold players and unsold discs.

We did not announce this, and therefore we cannot comment

The two formats were almost equal in their tech specs, ultimately Blu-Ray's higher storage capacity was the tipped the balance in Sony's favour.

Toshiba are going to remain loyal to the late format and have stated that they have no plans to adopt Blu-ray.

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