Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to upload decent Video to Facebook


Do you have the Video application on Facebook? How much do you use it?

The answers to these questions are likely to be yes to the first part and hardly at all to the second.


Mostly people just upload 1 or 2 videos of funny events they happened to be recording and that's all well and good, it makes your friends laugh. But what if you had access to the whole of YouTube, how much could you make them laugh then.


There are ways that exist to do just this but most of them keep the YouTube borders, making the video seem out-of-place on the neatly designed Facebook site. The following method uploads the video directly to Facebook using their own application, giving you more features to play with and making it easier to share with your friends.


First of all you will need to download the video from YouTube. For this will need a 3rd party program, I recommend Real Player.  Real Player gives you a little button when you encounter a flash video on a webpage that allows you to download the video to your computer in the FLV format.



Once it's downloaded to your computer the file can then be uploaded to Facebook.


This may be a tip for the perfectionists but I feel it is worth the time to go through this process in order to integrate the video fully into Facebook, meaning it can be tagged, rotated, commented on and shared with your friends and networks.


Of course this only applies to videos you have the rights to distribute.


Here is an example of a video I uploaded.

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