Sunday, March 09, 2008

iPhone to take on Windows

March 6 saw the first announcement by Apple of the brand new SDK for the iPhone and iPod touch, allowing developers to begin making applications to run natively on both mobile devices.

As was widely thought, applications will be sold through an iTunes-eque store where Apple makes a 30% cut of revenues on each application although developers can choose to unleash them for free.

Also announced were a host of new features for enterprise users, including push e-mail, calendar and contacts and the ability to lock down the iPhone remotely, all of which look to challenge the windows mobile platform.

All of this was geared towards a 2.0 software update to come this summer, like the January one this is free for the iPhone and will incur a small charge for touch users.

As-per-usual several companies were asked to develop their own applications to show off at the announcement, including SEGA and Electronic Arts, indicating Apple's serious intention for the devices as a gaming platform.  Interestingly some of those demoed included integration with the accelerometer.

Knowing apple this will be one of the greatest platforms ever launched, even rivaling Facebook.

Get set for the next generation of mobile device.

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