Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I love Twitter!

I first heard about Twitter about 6 months ago and the concept was pretty foreign to me.  Since then my opinion has completely changed and I can't get enough.

The idea is that users post microblogs, or tweets of 140 characters or less on a more regular basis than you would blog normally, thus allowing people a better idea of what you are up to.


I am getting on particularly well with it at the moment because I have no time to write longer blog posts.  I did however find the time to write my praises for Twitter.

This is very similar to the Facebook updates but unlike that you can select whose updates you want by choosing who to "follow".  This is essential to me because I get fed up of the crap that gets posted on Facebook, today I read "...is bored",  how original.

I would definitely recommend you join Twitter because not only can you post your own tweets but you can also keep up by following all you friends and you also have the option of exporting the RSS feed.

Go to twitter.com now, it's great!

Possible twitters of interest:

BBC Click

Downing Street

Leo Laporte


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